Food for Thought: Do you snack?

Are you a snacker?

I use to be.

I was one of the millions that could never get past 3pm without a snack of some sort.

Haigs chocolate, jelly babies, cupcake….I really wasn’t fussed!

Now, I can honestly tell you that I am no longer a snacker.

I eat three meals a day, and 99% of the time I’m satisfied right through to the next meal, and I owe it all to eliminating nearly 100%  fructose from my diet about 6 months ago.

I no longer get that inevitable 3pm slump/sugar craving.

I’m no longer starving hungry between meals where I think I’m going to die.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have my moments where I need a little sweet fix, but my sweet tooth register is a hell of a lot lower these days than it was so it doesn’t take too much to satisfy me, and I ALWAYS eat any sweets with my meal (with real food), never on its own.

 Case in point.

When I first made these little truffles, I could taste no sweetness at all.

However now, I actually have to lower the amount of sweetener I add.

Funny how we change…..



Sweet Potato Truffles

(recipe from the I Quit Sugar Website)