Food for Thought: Watercress


Did you know that as an anti-inflammatory, watercress is useful for treating eczema, acne and other skin irritations, generally contributing to healthy skin?

It will also give your insides a thorough scrub and polish.

Through all the reading I've been doing lately, many health specialist seem to recommend eating raw watercress 3-5 times per week.  Unfortunately for me, as I have an underactive thyroid, and as watercress is a goitrogenic food, I need to avoid eating it raw.

 (Goitrogens are a substances occurring naturally in certain foods that can cause the thyroid gland to enlarge, and can act like an anti-thyroid drug, slowing down the thyroid).

This doesn't mean I have to avoid eating this amazing vegetable as the enzymes involved in the  formation of goitrogenic materials in plants can be at least partially destroyed by heat.

So this quick little soup ticks all the boxes for me, and even if your thyroid is in perfect working order, who doesn't, in this day and age, need a little scrub and polish?


Watercress Soup

(from the I Quit Sugar Website)


A little tip: To ensure you absorb all those wonderful minerals and vitamins from the watercress, be sure to include a little saturated via a good dollop of cream or yoghurt on top.