A new and updated coconut ball . . .

You may be thinking that you've seen this recipe before - the little sweet potato truffles that I made and wrote to you about earlier this month (see here).

But, you'd be wrong.

I grew up loving coconut balls.  Did you?  You know the ones, filled with biscuit crumbs, sugar and cocoa.  I'd get so excited whenever I was given the opportunity to eat one, and then when I got older and was able to make them for myself.....hello!

Yes, these ones don't contain biscuit crumbs, and yes, these don't contain cocoa, but as soon as I tasted them, that old excited feeling come rushing right back.



Vanilla Coconut Balls

(recipe from Real Food Kitchen Cookbook by Dr Libby)



The recipe above calls for honey, however if you're wanting to keep your fructose levels down like me or you're vegan, then substitute the honey 1:1 with rice malt syrup.

You'll never know the difference!