Waiting for inspiration . . .

I've been feeling for quite some time now that there has to be more out there.  More to my life than just working 9am-5pm, paying bills, cooking, blogging and then starting the next day over again.

I'm not complaining about my life because I love it.  I'm very lucky.

Most hours outside of my full-time (non-creative) job are spent being creative, and it's where I love being.  Whether I'm any good at it or not doesn't bother me, I just feel inspired.  I love that as soon as I start one project, another little door or window opens into an area that I hadn't thought about before.  It amazes me every time.  However, just at this very moment, I feel like I'm knocking and the door isn't budging.

I'm quite sure one day soon that will change and the door will swing wide.

In the meantime, I just keeping trying new little things, like making these little stamped fondant medallions that will adorn the top of some baby cupcakes that are to come shortly - stay tuned!