A big day for the ladies!

Today was a big day for the little ladies.

Having already walked over 20km (and I'd just like to add that we had done 19km the day before....are we amazing or what?!) and having already treated ourselves to one of the best mille feuilles so far, we decided we needed another treat.  Yes, this treat also came in the form of food.  Surely you're getting the gist of this holiday by now so this should be no surprise?

If you ever head over to Paris, and in particular the Marais area (really, why wouldn't you?) then you need to do yourself a favour and eat HERE!

The food might not be strictly French (French/Portuguese), but by God it is bloody good.  And the service - even better!


....and because we hadn't eaten enough custard today, we just had to try their Portuguese custard tarts.....oh my....mix French pastry with a creamy smooth custard and I hear angels sing!