Le Barroux !

We desperately needed to stretch our legs so we set out on foot to the next village - Le Barroux, for a wee spot of lunch.

It's only 4.5 km away from La Roque Alric, but there are hills in between.....yep....a lot of hills.  So as you can imagine, we were ready for some  well deserved sustenance when we arrived, only to find the village empty.  A ghost town.  This was wonderful for us taking photos, but not so good for our growling tummies.  Even the one restaurant we did stumble upon happened to be closed on this particular day...doh!

Finally we spotted a little "basic" store where we grabbed a baguette and a wedge of camembert.  Our impromptu lunch for the day....or so we thought.....

Having almost made it to the bottom of the old village, we spotted movement.  

What was this?  

Fellow humans?  

However, it was what these fellow humans were doing that had us flinging the baguette and fromage to the bottom of the bag....they were coming in and out of a little bistro!  

Set on a rocky outcrop of the village, Entre Potes served us some of the most memorable food of the trip so far.  The look of the bistro is nothing to write home about, but chef David received our undying love after whipping up the most amazing lentil and egg salad, followed by the most delicious, mouth watering seafood gnocchi.

Chef David had our love until we had to make the trek home.

Full bellies and hills don't see eye to eye.

God I need a nap!