Paris in a Pita Pocket !

Have you ever looked through a restaurant window, stopped dead in a crowded street, skipped on the spot (and yes, clapped your hands in glee), and without having looked at the menu just known you HAVE to eat there?

To be honest, I'm a skipper and clapper from way back as I do this constantly, and today was no exception when I looked through the window of this little beauty....Miznon

Fresh produce lined the windows (and any another available surface area inside), and big smiles welcomed us into this loud and bustling little venue.

In this place (where Paris meets Tel Aviv), you can order a whole roasted head of cauliflower (choux fleur) which is simply eaten with a sprinkle of sea salt and a fork, or do as we did - little fish kebabs (fish meatballs dolloped with home-made hummus and fresh parsley served in the freshest of fresh mini pita pockets).  They arrived quickly with a big "bon appetit" and a glass of vin seriously doesn't get much better than this.........we don't ask for much....