The "foreign" lady !

We needed supplies.  

Basically, we needed food and coffee!

There was a moment there when visiting the little town of Beaumes de Venise, that we didn't think this would happen.  The lady (and I use the term loosely)  standing guard behind the counter at the lovely looking boulangerie, stood between us and our daily baguette and pain au chocolat order.  She wasn't budging.  What was the problem?  Were we not smiling sweetly?  Were we not speaking French?  If there is one thing we know, it's how to order food in French!  

Finally after a lot of pointing, frowning and pfft's she finally, begrudgingly, handed over the goods.

If it wasn't for our greed and our sincere panic at not getting our daily fix, we would have walked out.

Our conclusion.....she wasn't really French at all. 

She wore way too much make-up!

Never fear....we've found a new boulangerie!