Yard !

Be warned.  I am about to make a very bold statement here.

Eating at Yard, in the 11th Arrondissement, been to date the best meal I have eaten in all of France.

I may even be so bold as to say it has been one of my favourite meals EVER.

Yes, you heard me correctly.  There are not many places (and I've eaten at many) where every single plate put in front of me has made my taste buds sing.  On top of that, add amazing service.

But I found it right here, in an almost derelict street in an off-the-radar neighbourhood. A street you may never normally walk down intentionally, only by accident.

This place is definitely worth the effort to find.



The menu is limited by market availability and the food is affordable and French, although it's not your heavy old-styled French food.  It's fresh, light, not fussy and 100% mouthwatering.



Don't be fooled by the little slice of tart pictured above with the fromage blanc.  

That simple looking little custard tart has just blow every other dessert (including all the Mille Feuille's) I have eaten in France out of the water.  This tart is a masterpiece.

My photo's don't give it the love it truly deserves!