PARIS: Rose Bakery !

When it comes to food and meal times, I am not a "fly by the seat of my pants" kind of girl.  

I'm a planner.

Whilst munching away on breakfast, you can bet that I've already planned what I need to pick up for my lunch and dinner later that day, so the discovery of this little bakery located Rue des Martyrs in the Montmartre district of Paris suited me perfectly.  While heading off to lunch, we had dinner safely packed away in our bags....phew....everyone can relax now!

The quality of the ingredients (sourced from small producers) is what stands out in this organic bakery run by a Franco-British couple, where you'll find huge bowls of freshly made salads, daily soups, quiches to die for, and not to mention mouth watering puddings.

Be prepared to queue and wait!

It's so worth it!