Just add hot milk . . .

When asked to bring something chocolate to a bloggers get-together recently, my immediate thought was "oh oh....I don't really eat chocolate things".  However, not wanting to miss the opportunity to meet some new Melbourne based bloggers, I pulled out the block of chocolate and got melting.

The day was hosted by the lovely bubbly Brodie of The Hungry Babushka, and on offer, spread across the table was every chocolate dish a chocoholic could ever imagine and ever wish for from chocolate dipped strawberries, chewy chocolate chip cookies, rocky road and various slices to an amazingly decadent chocolate pavlova topped with baked pears....a master piece to behold.  I was in awe.

There was even chocolate chicken!

So what did this non-chocolate dessert eater bring along with her......



Hot Chocolate Spoons


200g dark chocolate | 2 tsp ground cinnamon (plus extra for dusting) | 36+ mini marshmallows | 12 wooden teaspoons | 

Makes 12

  1. Over a double boiler, melt chocolate until silky smooth.  Allow to cool slightly before stirring in the ground cinnamon, and then pour evenly into your 12 hole silicon cupcake tray, tapping to avoid air bubbles.
  2. Allow to set for at least 5 minutes (when the centre of the chocolate is no longer glossy) before inserting your spoon and marshmallows, pushing down slightly to secure them in place
  3. Dust with extra cinnamon.
  4. Allow to set completely before removing from silicon tray.
  5. To serve - place in a mug of hot milk and stir away!


To Brodie  - thank you for the lovely invitation and for thinking of me.  And to all those wonderful women who attended - it was lovely meeting you all.  Hope to see you again one day soon!