Memories of New York + Cheesecake Recipe

Whenever I see the word cheesecake, pictures of New York spring into my head, in particular, the wonderful holiday I had there back in 2010.  Wow, was it really that long ago?!

I remember vividly our apartment on St Marks Place in the East Village, dancing the night away at the Summer Stage concerts in Central Park, and riding bikes through Harlem (and falling off said bike onto my butt in the Upper West Side during peak hour traffic).  

Yep, I can be all class sometimes.

As much as the word cheesecakemakes me think of all this, I've never actually eaten cheesecake IN New York!

So in memory of this wonderful holiday and to say happy birthday to my boss (the reason these little cheesecakes were made),here is a super quick and simple no-bake cheesecake recipe I hope you'll love......


Chocolate and Hazelnut Mini Cheesecakes

(recipe from Love to Cook by Valli Little)


125g packet of plain chocolate biscuits | 40g unsalted butter, melted and cooled | 250g cream cheese, room temperature | 220g hazelnut spread | 1 tsp vanilla extract | 500ml pouring cream | Chopped hazelnuts, to serve

Makes 6 mini cheesecake jars

  1. In a food processor, process biscuits until a fine crumb, then mix in the cooled melted butter.
  2. Evenly spread the biscuit crumb across the your 6 jars and press down firmly.
  3. In an electric mixer (or using a whisk and elbow grease), whisk the cream cheese, hazelnut spread and vanilla extract until smooth and mixed through.  
  4. In an electric mixer (or using a whisk and elbow grease), whip the cream until soft peaks form.
  5. Reserve ⅓ of the cream for serving on top of the cheesecake.
  6. Using a spatula, fold through the remaining whipped cream into the cheese mixture, until smooth and well combined.
  7. Spread the cheese mixture evenly across all 6 jars and refrigerate until firm (approximately 1 hour)
  8. To serve, dollop the reserved whipped cream on top and sprinkle with chopped hazelnuts.