Slow Living: A Practical Workshop

A day back in August was the day I almost peed myself with excitement as I'd booked into a the Slow Living:  A Practical Workshop being hosted by one of my favourite food styling photographers....Beth Kirby of Local Milk.

Do you remember?

You can just imagine that if I was that excited just booking the ticket, what I was like packing the car and taking off to the Victorian countryside to get started.

I was in a state of pure bliss from the bear hug I received from Luisa Brimble (fellow host and photographer extraordinaire) on first arriving, to the mouthwatering Welcome Dinner organised by Local Gatherings, to the prop table filled from top to bottom with items that set my heart fluttering, right through to the very last photo I snapped two days later.  I didn't want it to ever end.

Just a few indulgent days of slowing down, being creative and finding our own style - whatever that might be.  For me personally, I came away buzzing (and not just from the copious amounts of sugar consumed...more on that shortly), but from the inspiration provided by these amazing and talented women who shared with us what they love to do.

It was how I felt that I loved most, that no matter what I do in life, this is how I want to live it.  By being slower, by being more mindful (in the moment) and by being surrounded by beauty in all its wonderful forms.

As you can tell....I'm on a bit of a high!