Gluten + My Thyroid

When I found out I had a dicky thyroid, I went into research mode.  

What foods could help/hinder me in feeling 100% again?

Through all of my research to date I've discovered a strong link between those people with thyroid disorders and those people also having gluten intolerance's, and the simple fact that a gluten-free diet may help eliminate or alleviate some of the symptoms of a thyroid imbalance had me firing on all four cylinders.

In fact, the more I learn about gluten and its effects on the body in general, the more I want to steer clear of it.  In short, foods that contain gluten also contain a substance that inhibits nutrient absorption, it can damage our intestinal lining, and as mentioned above, activates a destructive autoimmune response.  

And if that isn't enough for me...research shows there is absolutely no nutrients found in gluten-containing foods that I can't get more easily and more efficiently from foods that don't contain it.

No brainer really!

My little rant above comes after catching up with some girlfriends for brunch on Sunday where I ate bread.  Not being a big bread eater at the best of times, and having been off gluten (on and off again) for a little while now, I really felt the effects.

I guess we sometimes need that little kick up the butt now and again to keep us focused, and what an amazing tool our body is to give us these signs when things aren't working as they should.

So later on Sunday I whipped up this new favourite of mine.....


Seed Bread

(you'll find the recipe here at Deliciously Ella)

It's packed full of super foods, tastes amazing cold or toasted topped with butter, avocado or ricotta, AND it's gluten free.

It freezes fantastically too!  Just slice it up before you pop it in the freezer so it's ready to be thrown into the toaster at a moments notice.