Overabundance of Mustard ?

When I travel, my choice of souvenir for myself is more than likely some sort of food item (although with the amount of handbags I've accumulated, I may have to correct that statement).

When I look in the fridge, mustard seems to have been a popular choice for me.  I'm not complaining, because God it's good, although there is only so much mustard a gal can eat.  It's not quite in the almond butter vicinity where I can dive right in with my spoon......

Any hoo.....got an over abundance of mustard like me?  Then why not give this little saucy sauce a whirl.  I promise you, you most certainly won't be sorry.

Mustard Cream Sauce


30g unsalted butter | 30g gluten free flour (or plain) | 1 cup cream | ½ cup white wine | 2 tbsp seeded mustard | Juice of ½ lemon | Sprig of thyme | 1 bay leaf | Sea salt

Serves 4

  1. Place white wine, bay leaf and thyme in a small pot over a medium heat and reduce by half.  Turn heat off and stir in the cream and mustard.  Set aside.
  2. Meanwhile melt the butter over low to medium heat.  When melted, add flour and stir vigorously for approximately 2 minutes.
  3. Slowly add the mustard cream to the butter/flour mixture and whisk until thickened to desired consistency.
  4. Remove thyme and bay, add lemon juice and season to taste.