Dinner Sorted !

Is it weird that I get excited about grocery shopping?

I take absolute pleasure in planning my meals for the week, writing out my shopping lists and then grabbing my old granny trolley and walking down to the local shops to, well....shop.  I've come to realise (and appreciate) that I'm in the minority.  However, for those of you NOT like me, here is a little gift that may help.

Dinner Sorted 

Have you heard of them?

chickpea patties with quinoa salad and carrot tzatziki

Fresh produce and locally sourced ingredients for four dinners, delivered straight to your front door for those of us without the time, energy or inspiration to plan and shop.

tangy thai chicken noodle salad

My first impression was how wonderfully fresh the produce was and the quality of the sourced ingredients from chemically free chicken to organic labels I know and often use myself.  Everything was packaged beautifully and kept safe in a cold pack.

The recipes were simple and quick to prepare (all around 30 minutes) and made 2 large serves (some providing a third which was a bonus lunch for the next day).

Due to dietary requirements, I did adjust the recipes slightly, but it was so easy to do - you're the one in control.

pork fillet with lingon berry and thyme sauce and potatoes

Put simply, Dinner Sorted is a brilliant choice for those who want to eat healthy balanced meals.  For those of us without the time to plan and shop.  For those of us who don't want to rely on the ease of takeaway.  Or simply, for those of us who need some fresh and new inspiration in the kitchen.

I highly recommend it!

easy tuna lemon and olive spaghetti

Note:  The product for this review was sent to me by Dinner Sorted, however all opinions are my own.