Pink Paddock Store

I met Kylie once.

I was instantly a fan.

At that first meeting over a year ago, I was drawn to her openness and enthusiasm for life, and after first wandering through her blog (Town Mouse Country Mouse), I knew this was someone very special.

She also makes beautiful stationary.....

1.  What is your inspiration behind Pink Paddock Store?  I LOVE paper goods and anything stationery! I wanted to produce a product that was good quality but didn't cost the earth. I am also a frustrated  'wannabe' graphic designer! Its funny that 20 years ago I had wanted to study Graphic design and decided to study Health science instead. Now I feel like I've come full circle and doing something I always wanted too.

2.  What do you love most about running your own business?   I think the best part of having my own business at this phase in my life is the flexibility. It allows me to juggle being there for my young family as well as being able to expel some creative juices. Our children aren't in daycare so I had to find a product I could design and make which would have minimal impact on our family life. It's also very rewarding.

3. How can we get our hands on your products?  The easiest way to find Pink Paddock Store is online ( The full range is available to buy there and postage is easy. I also have a handful of wholesale stores too throughout rural NSW and Victoria which is exciting. I hope to have a list of those retailers on my website soon. PPS is also on Facebook and instagram which is a great way of staying up to date with the products and any specials! 
4. Top three tips for anyone wanting to start their own business? I think the most important thing about starting a business is finding something you are passionate about. You don't want to get bored or tired of it after 12 months. Secondly, do your research….on everything about your product. Thirdly, JUST DO IT!!!! That first step of starting a business isn't always as scary as you think- it just takes lots of hard work and positive vibes.
5. Why did you start blogging?  I started blogging about 18 months ago having stopped working in my family business and becoming a full time stay at home mum. Not that I had lots of time to myself at home but suddenly I was the only adult in the house and life was quite isolating. I discovered the world of blogging and really enjoyed discovering so many wonderful blogs and interacting with the blogging community. So many lovely people and so inspiring. I was curious as to what a blog was and saw an online course about starting up your own blog, so I signed up and went from there. Townmouse Countrymouse was kind of an experiment really and I didn't really have any big plans for it, except to have a place to store and record all the things I love in life. I love photography but had never really spent much time doing it so this was a great opportunity to practice. After 6 months I decided to take it more seriously and blog regularly. I also wanted to promote country living and include some wonderful producers and businesses that are based locally. Since starting Pink Paddock Store I haven't been blogging as much as I would like, but will eventually get back into it. There are just not enough hours in the day!
6.  Current project – what are you working on now?   I'm working on some new card designs and new products such as notepads which I hope to release early next year. I also have a few custom orders too which is exciting!
7. What do you love most about living in the country?  I love the lifestyle and how quiet it is here, even in town. It takes us 5 minutes to get anywhere which is fantastic.The landscape is beautiful and  I really love that community spirit and the people that live here. 
8.Your favourite recipe? My favourite recipe at the moment is a Jamie Oliver Roast Lamb. Basically a herb butter which is lathered all over a leg of lamb and in the oven for a bit over an hour….its DE-LISH-OUS and so, so, so simple!!! And works well with veggies or salad and fantastic for just the family or when entertaining. (recipe on blog)
9.  Favourite country destination? I have a few country destinations I love. First, the riverina plains where I was raised. Flat country…not much too look at really, but its beauty is beyond words. I love the colours of the land and the sky. I also love the regional towns such as Albury and Orange- undulating country and gorgeous valleys. Great food producers too! So many wonderful places to explore.
10. If money was no object, what would you be doing right this minute?   I would love to be on an island with my family…..doing nothing but just hanging out with them!