Day Trip to Normandy !

Holy hell….my life has just changed.  For the better?  I don’t know, only time will tell, but I have just tasted creme fermier

for the first time and there is no looking back.  No more Australian boring old cream for me.  It’s what the people of Normandy call "produced on a farm" cream.  The real deal. I couldn’t slurp up enough of it from the bottom of my bowl which was filled with pesky mussels that kept getting in the way of my gluttony.  If I could have intravenously hooked it up, I truly think I would have.

How was I to know that a little day trip to the countryside would change my belief system.  The day started out pretty normally.  With books, camera and an overly sweet and crappy vending machine coffee in our hands, we bordered the early morning train to Normandy.  A lunch date with our friend Janyce in the seaside village of Etretat  awaited us.

It rained.  Heavily.

I have no photos of this dish as that would have required me dropping the spoon from one hand and the bread from the other - believe me THAT was never gonna happen.

Now I’m just left with the memory and the Taurean, dog with a bone, determination to find it again.  I will triumph.