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Say hello to Helen!

Helen is from the North West of the UK.  She is a "massive foodie".  Loves travelling and caravanning with her family and is the creative mind behind the lovely family blog Casa Costello.  Casa Costello is filled with lovely family recipes, and is also where Helen runs her "Bake of the Week" posts.  

Casa Costello also happens to be my Secret Recipe Club Blog for the month of May.  My favourite month of them all.  It just happens to fall in Autumn (my favourite season of them all).  It holds my birthday (my all time favourite date of them all), AND this year I'll be spending most of it in France.  So needless to say....I LOVE May..........and I LOVE this recipe......



(see Helen's original recipe here)


What I loved about this recipe was that it's a dream to pull together, using just the one pot.  You can simply pop it in the oven and forget about it, and when your fork hits the pork...... it just falls apart beautifully.

The flavour has a sweet tinge due to the apples and cider (so remember to season well).

A perfect dish to celebrate May, Autumn and my birthday in Melbourne.

Thanks Helen!


The Secret Recipe Club:  Is a way to find and share new blogs.  Each month we are secretly assigned to another member of the club where we select a recipe to make, photograph and share on-line.