Chicken + Red Wine !

It's as simple as it sounds.  Chicken, red wine and just the one pot.  Oh...and a little love.

I love the shift to Winter my mind, body and routine takes.  Bit by bit, slowing down.  Not completely, as that would be too good to be true, but just enough to notice.  I seem to take longer over my morning latte.  I'm in bed earlier.  The food in my kitchen cooks for longer.

This dish is not the true coq au vin.  However, it is chicken slow cooked in red wine and I did use French wine, so I'm still going to say it's somewhat French.  Perhaps French inspired?



Note:  I used chia seeds as the thickening agent in this dish which, I think, works brilliantly.  They also add so many wonderful little extras to the dish including omega 3, fibre, protein and calcium.

For a little more on chia seeds, click here.