La Cuisine du Sucre !

There are moments in life when you have to throw away all of your rules.  Suck up the suffering and pain for later and simply jump head first into the unknown.

This was what I did today.

I don't have an overly sweet tooth.  I tend to avoid refined sugars (in fact all sugars) where I possibly can, and you'll rarely see me order dessert (unless it's a latte or cheese platter).

But today.....

Today I took part in a taste bud journey.

Today I ate 5 a row!

It started out safe enough.  A little amuse bouche of creamy asparagus soup with mushrooms, followed by baked hake with sweet potato and passionfruit puree and sesame ice-cream.

Ok.  I can do this.


After the palate cleanser of watermelon, greek yoghurt and grated cucumber on a bed of peanut butter, the journey began......



.....rhubarb soup with roasted yellow peppers.....

...petite meringues on top of smoked Jerusalem artichoke puree...



....bombe alaska filled with oozing caramel ....



.....a plate of the wonderful flavours of caramel with a surprise sherbet centre.

And finally, yes finally, creme brûlée chocolate and what can only be described as freeze dried cocoa with candied orange peel.

Holy mosses!

Technically we weren't meant to have this many dishes.  Maybe chef thought we looked too thin?  Or perhaps it was because we were propped up at the bar with chef constructing the dishes right in front of us, our cameras in his face, that made him fall in love with our enthusiasm.  Whatever the answer, we thank him for a wonderful journey.  A journey my body could never go on again (well, at least not for a little while), but one I loved every minute and every bite of.

Whether your a fan of desserts or not, if you appreciate the good things in life.....this is the place for you!



La Cuisine du Sucre, 74 Rue des Archives, 75003 Paris