Oh la la lunch !

Have you ever walked out the door of a restaurant and had to use all of your willpower not to curl up in the fetal position and rock like a little baby because your belly was so full and your eyes were so heavy?

This was me five minutes after the last photo was taken below.  

I was ready to let my body free fall and smack the pavement head first, falling into a deep food coma for the rest of the afternoon.

 Crap, I still had to act like a lady and get home before that was to happen!



The restaurant was called La Dinee du Viguier.  The food was mind-blowingly good (the standout being the boeuf terrine I had at entree) and the service was exceptional.  Two wait staff who were so excited by the food they were serving, they were almost eating the food alongside you.

What I loved most - they humoured our attempt at the French language.


La Dinee du Viguier

4 Rue Boutaric, 46100 Figeac  France