Take Away in Paris !

The Marais.  The area of Paris we love the most.  The area we stay every time we visit, and the area where we’ve slowly gotten to know some of the locals.  We like to think they love us and miss us when we’re gone…yes, we also like to dream a lot.

Rachel’s is a funny place.  

I’m not quite sure if I know (or even if it knows) where it fits into the whole Parisian culinary scheme of things, but what I did love were the smiles we received when we entered.

I also loved the amazing soup we picked up as take-away to enjoy for dinner later that night - creamy asparagus soup.  Served hot with crusty fresh baguette smothered in buerre and enjoyed in our pjs.  

Yep, it was a big night out in Paris!



25 Rue du Pont Aux Choux, Paris, 3rd arrondissement