The Parisian Kitchen !

I have a crush.  A big fat one.  I have a crush on the most beautiful apartment in all of Paris.  A crush on the delicious food we created in that beautiful apartment.  And a big big crush on the gorgeous Benedicte who runs the lovely cooking school (which is the reason why I cooked the delicious food in the beautiful apartment) known as The Parisian Kitchen .  I even love the name.

In the 17th arrondissement, located between the Levis Market and Monceau Park, I spent one glorious day chopping, stirring and whisking along side Benedicte, creating wonderfully simple everyday French cuisine.

Some people in this world enjoy going to the a cooking classes that floats my boat, and I've attended a large number of them both here in Australia and in France.  What I LOVED especially about The Parisian Kitchen, and what made it "stand out" from the crowd, was being in someones home.  Right in their Parisian kitchen.  Cooking right along side a real Parisian, gaining so many tips that she was taught from her mother and grandmother.  It's this sort of knowledge and cooking that I adore.

On this particular day, the Parisian sun was shining brightly as we sipped our green and grapefruit tea and munched on our chouquettes, before heading to the Levis Market for supplies.  

Dish one ~ Souffle au fromage.  Oh mon dieu.  So, so quick and simple and with Benedicte's tips, I can't wait to try this out at home.

Dish two ~  Beouf with caramelised vegetables and red wine jus.

Dish three - Pomme tarte tatin.  I've made this dish many times over the years, but with my hand on my heart, this version was the best to date. The apples soft, but not mushy and not too sweet, holding the silky smooth caramel which sat on top of the most buttery, salty and flaky pastry.

With my full belly, and the sun still shining, I walked back to the Marais in utter contentment.  What a special day.  One I'll remember for a very long time.

Merci beaucoup Benedicte.

The Parisian Kitchen

4 rue de Tocqueville, 75017 Paris