A cake for any occasion !

I’m in my favourite Brunswick coffee shop this morning having coffee.  Propped up at the counter, I can smell the beans and I'm in the perfect position to ogle the array of petite cakes and patisseries on display.

Not so long ago I would not have been able to walk out of this place without picking one delicate little delight to indulge in.

That was the old me.  The me before this recipe came into my life.

A simple cake for a simple girl.  Chock full of almonds and ruby red raspberries AND no gluten or refined sugar in sight.

Today I'm sitting in utter contentment, sipping my latte, knowing what delight is waiting patiently for me at home.

Perfect for any occasion (or no occasion at all) with a generous dollop of thick cream or perhaps some of my home-made vanilla custard ......