Breakfast Pot + Brussels Sprouts !

Remember (this post) when Monique at the wonderful blog Nourish Everyday changed my life?

I forgive you if you paid absolutely no attention.

Monique basically yanked open my eyes to the most super simple breakfast idea.  A no brainer, which I might add, I have been continuing on with ever since first setting eyes on her post .  I'm always trying out new combinations (some brilliant and some that scored an F-), so when a bunch of fresh and organic brussels sprouts and radishes appeared in my veggie box this week.....another combination sprang to mind.....



They may not top everyone's "favourite" vegetable list, but when you know what the amazing brussels sprout can do for your body...I'd be sneaking some of these little beauties in wherever I could...actually...I do!

Not only are they a brilliant source of protein, iron and potassium, these tiny little vegetables are packed full of Vitamin C (keeping your immune system strong, especially throughout Winter, and helping  maintain the health of your skin, teeth and gums.  They're also high in fibre, helping reduce your cholesterol levels, which in turn, helps lower your risk of heart disease and stroke. 

So basically, this breakfast is not only balanced, filling and delicious, it's doing its little part to stop your teeth from falling out, wrinkles appearing and constipation...seriously...who wants that?!

I'd love (and I know Monique would love) to see your flavour combinations, so feel free to tag us both on instagram @chitchatchomp and @nourish_everyday