Noel en Juillet !

Hello everyone...

I'm Leigh and I'm an introvert!

I'm not talking about being shy or a loner.  What I am talking about is the need to recharge my batteries by turning inwards - having time on my own to relax, think and dream.  No talking.  No phones.  No plans.  Just me.  My social threshold is far lower than those bubbly extroverts out in the world, and even though I enjoy socialising, and I'm definitely not shy, I'm usually one of the first to say au revoir.

Today, I put my introverted self on hold.

Today I sapped up inspiration, knowledge and just utter loveliness in abundance by being surround by wonderfully talented and like-minded women.

Today I jumped on a plane and headed north to New South Wales to enjoy Noel en Juliet at Royalla - a stunningly beautiful farm stay in the Southern Highlands.

Today I took photos, ate, talked, took notes, ate, walked, made friends and ate some more thanks to Mario from Mario's Kitchen.  

Today was beautiful.

Did I mention that I ate?

Thank you Natalie HayllarLisa MadiganJaclyn Carlson and Luisa Brimble  for creating such a wonderfully uplifting and inspiring day....  

....I will admit (just between you and me) that I was very excited to end the day on my own, back at the B and B, relaxing in the super large claw foot bubble bath with book and wine in hand.

The introvert in me couldn't stay hidden for long!