SRC | Paprika Pork Soup

Say hello to Mellissa!

A 30 something fitness enthusiast, wine lover, marketing manager by day and food blogger by night.  In fact, she's the face (and fingers) behind the blog A Fit and Spicy Life, which happens to be my Secret Recipe Club blog for the month of July.

I just love Mellissa's tag line...."a lot of cooking, a little wine and workouts to keep it all inline".  What a gorgeous way to live!

Since last year I've been seeing an acupuncturist for my hypothyroidism (I call him magic fingers).  One thing that has come out of these sessions is my need to eat more "salty" food. This doesn't mean adding more salt to food, but to eat more foods from the "salty food list" in reference to traditional Chinese medicine.  

Pork tops the list.  

Hence my choice for this month's recipe....

(see Mellissa's original recipe here)

I did alter Mellissa's recipe ever so slightly for my dietary requirements.  I replaced the pasta with buckwheat to keep it gluten free and to add a little extra kick in nutrients, and I also cut down on the amount tomato products added, to reduce the sugar/fructose content.

Thanks for a lovely recipe Mellissa.  Magic Fingers will be very impressed!