COOKBOOK: Heal Your Gut

Today I'm talking about my tummy.  My poor, sore and bloated little tummy.  It's one of the joys I've been recently discovering that comes hand in hand with having a dicky thyroid (can your hear my sarcasm?).  This is a real struggle as I've always had a stomach that could take anything I threw at it.  

Out of desperation I've been voraciously researching ways of improving my health without having to resort to pharmaceuticals, and one of my favourite discoveries (giving me a glimmer of hope) has been finding Lee Holmes' website Supercharged Food , and in particular, her Heal Your Gut program.

As you've guessed it...I signed up.  

I'll be totally honest with you - this program has been tough going for me personally.  However, the little glimpses of health I've seen in my body since experimenting has kept me looking forward, and when the good folk of Murdoch Books let me take a closer look at Lee's new book Heal Your Gut I almost burst into tears.  Do you believe in things happening for a reason?  Having been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease herself, this beautiful new book of Lee's brings together all of her years of research and personal experimentation using wholefoods to heal her gut, and in turn, heal her body.  It provides us (the reader) with proven practical advice, easy to understand steps and delicious anti-inflammatory recipes to heal our own bodies.  

A  guide for us to create our own healing plan.

For me....a God send.

It's a beautiful book inside and out.  Just how I hope my body will be one day very soon.

This is one of my favourite recipes and one that I now often have whipped up ready to go in my freezer.



"Think of your gut as a garden that can only thrive when the soil is healthy.  Healthy soil requires healthy foods and nutrients that will allow the "good guys" to flourish.  By feeding our bodies all-natural, easily digestible foods, we can help our gut to function optimally, without the need to resort to dietary supplements."

- Lee Holmes


Heal Your Gut hits bookstores on 1 September 2015.


Disclosure:  I received the above product for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog.  Regardless, all words are my own honest opinion and I only recommend products or services I would use personally.