I'm a Sugar Addict !

Yesterday I ate chocolate.  LOTS of chocolate.  I was a maniac and couldn't get enough of it in my gob, and when it was all gone....I wanted more.

I'm a sugar addict.  It's no secret.

And then my body heated up, I scratched my skin off and my brain wouldn't quiet down.  The piece de resistance.....my thyroid swelled to the point I thought it was about to burst out of my skin.

I didn't even enjoy the chocolate!



I've been off the white stuff for so long I forgot how addictive it was and how damaging to my body it is.

I'm realistic...it won't be the last time I do this to myself I'm sure, but hopefully having exciting snacks like these  sitting in the freezer will have me reaching for them instead of that other crap!


Original recipe from The Healthy Life Cookbook by Jessica Sepel.  As Jessica says, s"the protein will keep you feeling full and the stevia will help keep the sugar cravings at bay."