IN SEASON: Sweet Potato!


"A little yummy for your tummy."

- Winni the Pooh


I'm quite sure he was talking about honey when he said this, but I like to pretend it was sweet potato he had on his mind that particular day.  Perhaps Winni was suffering the affects of hypothyroidism, like me?  This could actually explain his massive sweet tooth!

Yes the lovely orange root vegetable may have oodles more vitamin A, vitamin C and fiber than its white cousin - the regular potato, but did you know that sweet potatoes are outstanding for your digestion?

Their high starch content can be easily broken down which is so soothing for our stomach and intestines - ideal for those of us suffering tummy issues (like the horrible bloating I'm currently enjoying due to my hypothyroidism).

Perhaps Winnie would have loved a bowl of this soup?  I've certainly been enjoying many, many bowls.....