Blackberry Ripe Bites !

Four random facts about me.  

1.  I use to sleep in my tap shoes so I would be ready for dance class the next morning - I didn't want to miss a minute.

2.  My shameful food secret is my utter love for the little fake milk pots they serve on planes (I probably shouldn't call it "milk", should I?)  

3. I can waste hours of my life taking random photos of the same thing over and over and over again (as you'll see below, the poor Parisians must be sick of me blocking their walkways so I can satisfy this need). 

4. I use to be addicted to cherry ripe bars...seriously addicted.

Now I have a new chocolate addiction.


These beauties are a delicious (not too sweet), raw treat that take no time at all to whip together.  Even thought they contain unrefined sugar, they do still contain a little fructose (just a little), due to the berries.

You could just as easily use a good-quality chocolate bar, melted, and poured on top of the berries, however I love to use raw cacao powder for my chocolate fix as it's not sweet and is packed full of manganese - an essential nutrient which is wonderful for thyroid health.  A good reason to eat a few pieces, perhaps?