Chocolate + Orange

You take one orange - it doesn't even have to be a juicy one - boil it for an hour and then let it cool.

That's the longest (and hardest) step of this recipe.

The rest is a cinch.  Even the eating part, because these cakes (not sure they can even be called a cake) are so fluffy, light and mousse like in texture, that you'll devour each and every one of them quicker than it takes to do the first step above.

Trust me.

I'm experienced!


These little morsels of heaven are filled to the brim with antioxidants and manganese (promoting thyroid health).  They will raise your serotonin levels too - making you an even happier person!

The use of rice malt syrup (as the sweetener) also provides a slow steady supply of energy (unlike faster releasing sugars which cause insulin spikes, blood sugar crashes, cravings, hunger and fatigue).

This may not be quite the case if you eat the "whole lot" in one sitting, but just a little "food for thought".