COOKBOOK: My Family Table

I may be a blogger, but working full-time in the corporate world leaves little time for my own cooking, photography and blogging, let alone the chance to peruse all the beautiful inspirational blogs out there.  

Petite Kitchen  is an exception.

I've been following Eleanor's adventures for quite some time and was a BIG fan of her first hugely successful cookbook My Petite Kitchen.   So when Murdoch Books had Eleanor's second cookbook up for review, I jumped at the chance.



This cookbook is a snapshot of the recipes Eleanor cooks for her family and friends.  Wholesome and nourishing dishes from starting the day, through to sharing around the dinner table. 

Most are gluten free with a number being vegan, vegetarian and dairy-free, but they're all created with love.

"Whole, natural foods can be a wonderful form of medicine that can help heal, cleanse and renew body and mind".


I've reduced Eleanor's recipe by 4 which resulted in 15 mini cupcakes.  The perfect size for when your in need of a little sweet pick me up, but when you don't want to over indulge.


"I believe that in order to embrace the day wholeheartedly, we must nourish our bodies with a wholesome breakfast."

My Family Table goes on sale 1 October 2015.  

Don't miss out!