Secret Recipe Club - September!

Everyone, say hello to Sawsan!

Sawsan is an orthodontist by day, food explorer by night, is currently living the United Arab Emirates (an airport I know very well from my travels back and forward to Europe) and is the exceptionally talented lady behind the beautiful blog Chef in Disguise.  A blog filled with easy, authentic middle eastern recipes, packed full of season fruits, vegetables and spices.

On a personal note, I was so happy to find out Chef in Disguise was my Secret Recipe Club blog for September as I'm a huge, huge fan.  Sawsan's photography alone makes me smile, not to mention her authenticity which comes shining through the screen.  Such a joy!  So many recipes to choose from, but one in particular stole my heart.  A dish I grew up with (although maybe not so eloquently replicated by Sawsan).  



(view Sawsan’s original recipe here)

As usual, I did tweak Sawsan's recipe slightly for my own dietary needs by replacing the sugar with stevia liquid (a fructose free unrefined sugar) and replacing the corn starch in the curd with eggs. This did make for a heavier more savoury tasting curd, but still just as good, I think. 

Note:  The curd can be stored in the fridge for up to 4 weeks.


The Secret Recipe Club:  Is a way to find and share new blogs.  Each month we are secretly assigned to another member of the club where we select a recipe to make, photograph and share on-line.