No dairy + Elixir !

I've been taken off dairy.  Crap!

I'll happily live my life without twirling wheat pasta, buttering bread with gluten and sucking on sugary lollies, but the thought of not being able to enjoy my daily, creamy, fluffy, life altering cafe latte is killing me.  

Yes, it may only be for the next 6 weeks, but it will be 6 weeks of hell for me and for everyone around me.  That's a promise.  Especially those little sh*ts who insist on drinking their lattes in front of me.  They will pay.  (See - me not drinking my latte could be a health hazard).

This elixir from the gorgeous Lee Holmes in no way replaces my daily trip to heaven, but it does make me a happier person, because when my tummy is happy......


*    *    *

Just a couple of reasons why you should also be sipping this tea.....

Ginger:   Aids digestion; decreases arthritic swelling; destroys bacteria and viruses; lowers blood pressure; aids circulation.

Lemon:    Protects against immune system deficiencies; colon health; antibacterial; balances pH levels; aids digestion; strengthens the liver.

Garlic: antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal, improves heart health, reduces arthritis pain, combats allergies; boosts immunity.

Apple Cider Vinegar:    Lowers blood sugar levels; reduces appetite and cravings; lowers bad cholesterol levels; improves digestion; aids reflux and bloating.

Cayenne Pepper:  Ease upset stomach; aid diarrhea; anti-allergen; aids digestion; circulatory stimulant aiding detox.

*    *    *