SRC | Butter Chicken

Say hello to Sarah!

Sarah loves to bake (like me).   She is from Ontario, Canada (a country I hope to one day see soon, and a country where my niece Miss B is studying at university....well, she says she's studying...hehe).  Sarah fully admits to being a comfort eater (like me too!), and is the lovely lady behind the blog Things I Make for Dinnera place where she keeps weekly menu plans and showcases her newly tried recipes.  

I love that Sarah and her husband lose weight and save money by cooking and eating at home (this made me laugh Sarah) and what put a big smile on my face is that she adores French food (ME TOO!!)  Things I Make for Dinner is my Secret Recipe blog for the month of October, and my recipe this month is a long-time favourite, yet one I rarely cook myself.  That's all changed now....


(See Sarah's original recipe here)

I did make a couple of little changes to Sarah's original recipe for my own dietary requirements, including removing the brown sugar and replacing the sour cream with coconut cream, for a dairy-free version (this also eliminated the need for the chicken stock).  I also used raw chicken and not pre-cooked chicken, as well as shoving some yummy extra greens into the mix (silverbeet).