Macadamia Nuts !


A word my bro despises (preferring ‘biscuits’).

A word that conjures up sugar and gluten laden treats.

A word that brings back memories of New York (interested in why, see here).

However, these cookies are different.  They’re part of my religion as they’re mixed, rolled and baked so often in my house.  Containing only the smallest amount of sweetener, they’re refined sugar, fructose, gluten AND dairy free.  They’re crunchy and delicate, and they’re addictive.  Trust me.

Yesterday, I tweaked them with macadamias.  


Did you know that macadamia nuts are high in dietary fiber, and B-complex vitamins?  They're an excellent source of minerals including calcium, iron and zinc and are a great source of selenium - a micro-mineral which is wonderful for thyroid health.  Something I'm always on the look out for!