Secret Recipe Club - November

Say hello to Sid.

Sid is the ever so happy Danish/American cook, photographer and author behind the blog Sid’s Sea Palm Cooking:  I cook, therefore I am.

Sid loves having fun in the kitchen and warmly shares her food and recipes with friends (from her monthly tapas nights) and the blogging community as a whole.

I haven’t been to Denmark (yet!), but fall in love with the country every time I watch a Danish movie or read a book based in Denmark, so of course, I was going to pick one of her many delicious looking Danish recipes from her blog to be my Secret Recipe Club Dish of the Month.



See Sid's original recipe here.

Serve with whatever tickles your fancy from smoked salmon to creamy scrambled eggs - I served mine with a big dollop of goats milk yoghurt, roasted beetroot, fresh dill and lots and lots of lemon.  



As usual, I did tweak Sid’s recipe slightly for my own dietary requirements, from replacing the whole wheat flour to brown rice flour to make them gluten free.  I also replaced the buttermilk with almond milk as I’m currently off cow’s milk dairy for just a little while.  Otherwise I would have used the buttermilk wholeheartedly.

My changes above did make what would have been a light fluffy pancake a little more dense, but that's ok.  The softness from the toppings helped to counter balance this.


The Secret Recipe Club Is a way to find and share new blogs.  Each month we are secretly assigned to another member of the club where we select a recipe to make, photograph and share on-line.