My Christmas Tart !

3 simple words that when said apart, make me smile, but when said together, make me swoon .... Fruit.  Mince.  Tart.

In my old life, these 3 simple little single syllable words would conjure up so many good memories, making me feel comforted, happy and oh so "Christmassy".

Now, having run away from gluten and sugar, these words when said together do (if I'm being honest) bring up a little feeling of deprivation, but more so bring up feelings of sugar highs and slumps, sleepiness and foggy brain.  Not to mention a swollen thyroid!  I’m not one to say “never”, but with the knowledge I now have of how sugar affects my body, I just can’t imaging EVER consuming these little tarts that I once held in such high esteem, again.

However, the need for a Christmas tart still exists inside this little Christmas dork, and to me, the berry that most represents this time of year (well basically, the berry I most want to stuff into my mouth at this time of year) is that ruby red, almost black and oh so juicy cherry.

This recipe is by no means trying to replicate the celebrated and much loved Fruit Mince Tart, but it’s definitely what I’ll be eating come Christmas Eve, and it doesn’t get more simpler than this!



They're light, crumbly, buttery and so lovely and delicate.  Just enough sweetness for my taste buds, and if using a store-bought good quality gluten-free pastry, can be whipped up in a flash.  Exactly what you need at this busy time of year.

I personally used the Careme Sour Cream Savoury Gluten-Free pastry, as I didn't want the added sugar from their sweet version.