Egg + Toast Tarts


Say hello to Nicole.

Nicole is a  freelance writer hailing all the way from St Louis Missouri, where she raises 5 teenagers (yes you heard me…5 teenagers), all whilst sharing her love of home cooked, feel good family food on her blog Daily Dish Recipes.

Daily Dish Recipes was born in 2005 with the goal to provide her readers with easy, made from scratch, recipes they could cook at home.  God, I love this goal Nicole, as I’m a huge fan of people getting back into the kitchen, ditching the junk food and cooking from scratch. 

So in honour of Nicole’s style of cooking and in honour of my grumbling tummy and in honour of my need for tote-able picnic food (now that Summer has hit Melbourne), my Secret Recipe Club recipe for this month is……



See Daily Dish Recipes' original recipe


I made only a few minor changes to Nicole’s original recipe, based on what I had in stock and for my own dietary requirements.  This included using gluten free bread, replacing powdered garlic with  fresh garlic and swapping grated cheese with goats cheese.

These little tarts had a lovely simple and clean flavour which I really enjoyed, however next time I would keep the bread in the oven to toast just that little bit longer - making sure the bottoms become nice and crisp (especially when using gluten free bread).  

This was the perfect tote-able lunch to take on a picnic - which is exactly where these tarts went - to the Paris to Provence Festival



The Secret Recipe Club:  Is a way to find and share new blogs.  Each month we are secretly assigned to another member of the club where we select a recipe to make, photograph and share on-line.