The Picnic !

We all have our own little Christmas traditions.

For me, there are just three simple things that mark the beginning...

1. When my tree gets its annual fluff and adornment in November (no comments please).

2. The smell of the first mango and cherries of the season.

3. My annual Christmas feast.

Little did I know that 16 years ago within the walls of my Prahran apartment, six friends, copious amounts of bubbles and Madonna impersonations into the wee hours of the morning would mark the beginning of something special.

Even though the sweet sounds of “Like a Virgin” being belted out may no longer be heard, the feast still continues.  Yes the size may have well and truly grown, and yes the food may have improved (thank God!), but the bubbles are still present, and so are the full bellies and contented smiles.

Throw in a bee sting, spiderman and a wedding and you’ve got yourself a brilliant start to the holidays.

Here’s a little snapshot…