Coconut Butter !

Coconut Butter.  

I'm a "singing from the rafters" convert for this white stuff.

Simply the ground up dried flesh of the coconut made into a fine silky smooth butter, it contains both natural oils from the coconut oil as well as fiber from the flesh.  Though it doesn’t have quite as many uses as coconut oil, it’s still a brilliant addition to my diet, as it is:

  • anti-viral;
  • anti-bacterial;
  • gives me long term energy;
  • keeps my hormones healthy and balanced; 


  • It's brilliant when making raw chocolate as it produces a creamier result and doesn't melt as easily


This chocolate is the real deal.  It's rich, fresh, satisfying and melts in the mouth.  Its ingredient list is short and is gluten, dairy and refined sugar-free.

You’re welcome!


Recipe adapted from the I Quit Sugar Chocolate Cookbook Volume II