Listening !

Full fat organic dairy milk.  Such a simple thing, yet one I found hard to find during my recent holiday in New York.  Just one choice in one market sitting amongst hundreds of varieties of skim, 0% fat, 2% fat, low-fat and long-life.

At first I was a little horrified, then it got me thinking about diets.  About how we've been brought up my our parents and what the experts taught us back then, and even today.  It got me thinking how no one person is the same, and no one body is the same, which then leads to the inevitable conclusion that no diet or way of eating should be the same for everyone.

Bottom comes down to each of us listening to our own body's, educating ourselves and finding out what lifestyle works  best for us.  If you're listening, your body will tell you more than what the experts will.

Having been brought up myself on the motto "low fat is best", I've come to realise over the last few years through education, research and listening to my own body that whole foods (yes, that includes the full-fat variety), works best for me.  

I preach this to no one but myself.  

I only offer this one simple piece of advice - start listening.  It's amazing what you might hear.