January.  Being such a lover of all things Christmas, this month can be a little bit of a let down for me.  It's the month where I pack up the Christmas tree and twinkle lights (sob!).  It's the hottest month of the year (I'm so not a fan!), and it's not even close to my birthday month.


Normally, like most of us, I've set goals during January - mapping out the rest of my year.  Goals like new eating and exercise plans, which are usually happily forgotten about by February. 


Last year I decided to set myself a feeling for the year.  A feeling that I wanted to focus on and bring to all that I did, whether at work or in my personal life.  One simple feeling.  One simple word.......yep you guessed it.....forgotten!


So this year, I'm trying something a little different. 


This year I'm focussing on each month, one at a time.  Giving each month its own intention - something small and bite sized that I can sink my teeth into, helping me to stay present, motivated, encouraged and "in the moment".  These intentions were not plucked out of thin air nor were they copied from google or instagram, but lovingly brought about through meditations, tarot and angel cards, and basically tuning inwards. 


I can honestly say, I'm pretty excited about January now.  Jeez, never thought I'd say that!




So for January = Foundations


This includes:

  • Getting practical and focussed
  • Clearing out material items that no longer serve a purposes
  • Spring cleaning my home
  • Culling my wardrobe (I work best with a capsule wardrobe)
  • Reviewing and re-setting my financial budget for the year ahead
  • Making budget talk fun and inspiring
  • Ensuring all bank accounts/mortgage/superannuation plans are working hard for me
  • Revisiting my health - am I working with the best practitioners for me
  • Streamlining my holistic wellness plans - what actually works and what doesn't
  • Setting up my organic veggie box delivery again (saves so much time + money!)
  • Revamping achievable (and fun) morning and evening routines that I love, and not because someone else tells me I should do them
  • Booking in with a life/career coach
  • Slowing down
  • Being realistic about my relationships - which ones light me up from the inside and which ones make me feel heavy and stressed


As you can see, no stone in my life will be unturned, revamped, culled or cleaned.  I'm starting the new year making sure my foundations are solid and working the best they can - allowing me to then switch off and enjoy what comes next.  I'll be sharing some of my ideas and processes over on instagram (as always), and perhaps provide some further updates with more in depth info here within these pages.


Maybe you might like to join me in culling out the old items, thoughts and feelings that no longer serve you and begin setting the foundations for a healthy, prosperous and happy year ahead.   Let me know?  I'd love to hear?