Focus: May



To wrap up my April - an interesting and surprising month, to say the least.  A month focussed on moving forward and avoiding stagnation, and a month of being authentic and grounded (see more here).


In reality, it was a month of fatigue, Hashimoto flares and general illness.  A month where I felt stagnant and waaaay off my path.


It wasn't until the final few days of April that I realised I was exactly where I was meant to be.  One of those "ah-ha" moments, if you will.


Being unwell forced me to slow down and get physically grounded.  To put me first and learn patience.  And then I made a decision.  A decision that I've been struggling with for most of this year and one that I thought would bring about feelings of failure and further (need I say it) stagnation.  Little did I know that in letting go and finally listening to my gut - I actually stepped forward and lifted a huge weight that I didn't realise was hanging over me.


I suddenly realised that holding onto this pathway which I "thought" was the right one, even though I was making myself physically sick with it, was the reason for my ... ah hem ... stagnation.  


Go figure.  Go April!


So now it is May.


The month I was born.


In the season I love the most - Autumn.  Cool evenings and crisp mornings, with the anticipation of scarves and gloves in my near future.


For me, May is all about something ending and new beginnings (a new path).  It's all about trusting my inner voice and finding balance  Opening my heart and bringing joy, dreams and love in.


Kinda nice, don't ya think?





So what are my plans | actions | focus for May?


Creativity | Delving into all the stuff I love, from creating more content for this blog of mine and creating yummy thyroid loving recipes, to playing with my essential oils (in particular Frankincense and Joy) and building on my yoga practice.


Health | Slowly building back my fitness so I'm once again walking to work each morning in the fresh air and out in nature, as well as continuing with my routines that me me swoon from body brushing and Epsom Salt baths to oil pulling and early nights.  I've recently changed naturopaths also and am loving where this new direction is and may take me.


Heart | Focusing on the heart chakra through meditation and using my rose quartz crystals.  Listening to podcasts and audio books about building self love, trust, intuition and opening up as well as through journalling.



When I think of my May, I think of the colour pink and beating hearts.  I think of balance and intuition - being open to the abundance of the universe, as well as indulging in creativity and self-love.  I see the word JOY in neon signs.


Welcome May.  I'm ready for you.



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