My AIP Porridge Alternative



When I think about the cooler months, my thoughts often go straight to food.  Yes, I’m a very deep thinking kinda person!


I think of comfort food, and in particular, with having English parents, I think of big steaming bowls of porridge eaten curled up under a blanket.


However since saying au revoir to gluten some time ago, oats became a thing of my past (see my post about this here), and then of course since being on AIP, using rice flakes as an alternative has also come to an sad end. 


You too?


Well I’ve got good news for you my friend.  All is not lost because there is a new porridge on the scene and I’m in love.


Cauliflower.  Yep, you heard me folks.  Cauliflower.


Seriously.  Don’t laugh.  Simmered in coconut milk - this stuff is the bomb.  Well, ok, it’s not exactly the same as using oats (of course it’s not), but when oats aren’t an option…..




Personally, I don’t add any sweetener as I find the coconut and berries to be sweet enough, however if you’re finding it a little on the “savoury” side when you taste test, feel free to add a drizzle of raw honey.



***The bonus news is that by eating cauliflower as porridge, you’re giving yourself an extra highly nutritious veggie boost!***