My New Healing Pathway

I’m stepping out on a new pathway in regards to my health and the food I eat, and I thought I’d let you know why.


As you may know, if you’ve been here before, I follow a paleo based (and modified AIP) way of eating where I don’t eat grains, legumes, dairy or refined sugars.  I also limit all unrefined sugars, including fruit to help me heal the inflammation in my body which has caused 2 autoimmune diseases (Hashimoto’s and ITP).   A normal day would see me eat a bowl filled with veggies, a little protein and good fats for breakfast, lunch AND dinner.  I was NEVER hungry and never snacked.


This way of eating has served and supported me and my health well for the past few years, and with the research I put into prior - it was a no-brainer.


Recently however, I have had to acknowledge the fact that this way of eating seems to no longer be working for me.  My body is no longer responding positively, and in fact, for the past 12-18 months, it has started to head back down the hill with my thyroid antibodies heading back through the roof (>1300 when they should be under 32), I’ve gained 15kg, my thyroid medication has progressively increased, my cholesterol started to increase, I’ve developed fibroids and a mild case of fatty liver AND I developed my 2nd autoimmune disease – ITP – which affects the ability for my blood to clot.


Basically, I had to make a decision.


I could continue on this same “safe and comfortable” pathway which was unfortunately leading me towards more ill health - or - try something completely foreign and brand new.  Something that is the complete opposite of everything I know about food and health.


A high carb, low fat plant base wholefood diet.


Yep.  You heard me.


My first introduction came from my naturopath talking about the benefits of drinking celery juice (based on the Medical Medium).  At the same time she mentioned this, I was suddenly surrounded by it EVERYWHERE!  It was like celery juice was jumping out to me, trying to grab my attention, so I do as I normally do and went into research mode.  I liked what I read and it really resonated with something deep inside my gut and heart.


Taking this first very small baby step then blew open the doors to this whole new way of eating, and I found myself utterly engrossed by all the information, studies and results.  One of the most profound things I came across was a podcast between Simon Hill of Plant Proof and Cyrus and Robbie from Mastering Diabetes.  (See link to podcast here). I don’t have diabetes myself, but both my parents do and avoiding this outcome has been very close to my heart for years, and learning so much about insulin resistance (something we should all know how to manage) was the final push for me to jump into this new way of eating whole heartily and see where it takes me.


Week 1 . . .


Drinking celery juice and by simply increasing (well actually, start eating again) my fruit intake was an utter game changer in regards to my digestion (and going to the bathroom!)  Holy cow!  I have been working on this issue FOR YEARS and within just 1 week…….halleluiah! 


The following 5 weeks . . .


Have been filled with LOTS of detox symptoms from headaches, flu like symptoms, fatigue and bloating – which I have been embracing.  I’m actually loving knowing that all those toxins are finally being expelled from my body.


The hardest part so far . . .


Has been getting my mind around lowering my fat intake.  Normally, I would cook in coconut oil, dress everything in olive oil, add avocado to most meals, eat nuts and seeds AND use full fat coconut milk in my tea and coffee.   Not to mention my home-made chocolates made with coconut butter and NUT BUTTER!!!!! Curious as to why I’m lowering my fat intake – listen to this podcast.


Now . . .


So as I type this post, I’m heading into week 6.  I still have a lot of my previous symptoms (I think it’s going to take quite a bit of time for healing), but what I have noticed is I have moments during the day (maybe 30 minutes or a couple of hours) where I feel 100% well.  No bloating and no swelling of my thyroid.  I just feel light and joyous.  Having these glimpses has made me realise how long it’s been since I’ve felt well. 


Anyway, I’m planning to share a hell of a lot more on this and what I’m actually eating while I find my feet, so stay tuned.