Our Detox Organs: Part II - The Kidneys


So it’s time for Part II of my 6 Part Series all about those wonderful detox organs of ours that support our body’s natural detoxification process.


Let me repeat myself – our body’s natural detoxification process.  Our body does this all my itself people!  How friggin fantastic is that!


Missed Part I – never fear – it’s right here!


These six organs work non-stop to eliminate excess waste products/toxins from our body, and in this little series, I’m talking about my personal top 4 foods, that in conjunction with a healthy diet, have shown they have the wonderful ability to further support this amazing process.


So today we’re talking about the kidneys.


Did you know that these two bean shaped organs located around the middle of our back are constantly filtering toxins and waste materials out of our blood and into our urine (having already been cleaned by the liver)?  They’re basically known as rubbish collectors - sending water-soluble waste to our bladder. 


So as you can imagine, hydration is absolutely essential for our kidneys to do their thing, and in fact, dehydration is the most common damaging factor.


My 4 personal food choices that can further support our kidneys function by flushing out extra toxins and preventing bacteria buildup include . . .



Water | Albeit an obvious answer, hydration is key for good kidney health. Drinking filtered water is the primary way to stay hydrated, however herbal, green teas and coconut water will all contribute without unbalancing your electrolytes. A simple guide to follow …… when your urine is clear, light and mostly transparent = hydration is good.

Cranberries | Extremely rich in antioxidants that have an anti-inflammatory effect on the whole body. Cranberries are a wonderful tool for the kidneys because of the active sugar in them: d-mannose. This simple sugar doesn’t affect the body in the same way that glucose does, however it works to help prevent bacteria, especially E. coli, from thriving in the kidneys, bladder, or urinary tract.

Beets | One of the highest dietary sources of folate, along with numerous other nutrients like manganese, magnesium, and iron, benefiting our detox organs - specifically the liver and kidneys.

Onions | Rich in biotin (a B vitamin), notable for its wonderful benefits for our hair, skin, and the nervous system - even in small quantities, we receive its wonderful benefit.  They’re also rich in thiosulfinates - which prevent the growth of bacteria and other harmful organisms, helping support the liver, kidneys, intestines, and colon in the process.

Parsley | A natural diuretic helping the body to increase its urine output.  This increased flow of fluids has a cleansing effect on the kidneys as bacteria and germs are flushed out.  Parsley (and parsley essential oil) have been used as a natural detox remedy, diuretic, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent for centuries in folk medicine

My favourite Kidney loving recipe


Raw Beet Salad

 Serves 2


 4 beets, washed (no need to peel if organic) | 1 small red onion, peeled | 2 large handfuls of rocket | 2 dates, thinly sliced | Apple cider vinegar | Sea salt

 Dressing | ¼ cup coconut yoghurt (or coconut cream) | Juice of ½ a lemon | Drizzle of olive oil | Sea Salt


 Using a mandoline or a very sharp knife, thinly slice the beets and red onion.  Place the onion in a small bowl and add a glug of apple cider vinegar and a good pinch of salt.  Allow to sit and marinate while you prep the salad.

For the dressing, simply whisk together the yoghurt, lemon juice, a good pinch of salt and a drizzle of olive oil.   Add little or more oil depending on the consistency you require.

To assemble, toss the beets and marinated onions together with the rocket and dates and drizzle with the dressing to serve.