Why I Always Carry Peppermint Essential Oil !



Peppermint Essential Oil.


I’m a card-carrying, shout from the rooftop, head over heels lover of the stuff, and it would be an odd day indeed if a bottle could not be found floating around in my handbag.


In fact, you’ll also find a sneaky little bottle tucked away in my desk draw for those just in case moments.


Did you know that peppermint essential oil can reduce anxiety and fatigue?


It’s a wonderful tool for every human being, but I find it’s an especially brilliant tool for those of us dealing with the day to day symptoms of Hashimoto’s, as it can be used to:


  • Reduce stomach aches
  • Soothe digestive issues
  • Freshen bad breath
  • Relieve tension headaches
  • Improve mental focus
  • Clear respiratory tract
  • Boost energy


This amazing little oil is a cost-effective, natural solution that I use to replace pharmaceutical medicines, and some of my personal reasons for using it and why it is an essential addition to my medicine cabinet, include:


Reduce Hunger Cravings –Inhaling a couple of deep breathes of peppermint essential oil before eating can help stave off the munchies and can help you feel full faster.  

Energy Booster –Taking a few big whiffs of peppermint will perk you up during a long working day, helping to improve your focus and concentration, as well as uplift your spirits.

Relieve Headaches – My version of Panadol without the nasty side effects.  Applying a drop or two directly to my forehead, temples and to the base of my skull. 

Relieve Bloating – Another natural alternative to drugs like Buscopan or Imodium, helping to reduce bloating and stomach aches by relaxing the muscles of your intestines. For this, I add a single drop to hot water and drink as a tea, I also add a single drop to my water jug and sip throughout the day.  For a little extra helping hand, I will also rub a drop directly onto my belly button.  Hello relief!



Just remember - when choosing essential oils, labels stating "100% pure" mean absolutely nothing as they can still contain synthetic ingredients.  The words you need to look for are “pure, therapeutic grade”.